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Contact Help Cesspool and Sewer Service, and you'll get some mean sewer system cleaning done quickly, and done right the first time! With our experience, we know how to remove waste efficiently and affordably!

Keeping your plumbing running is perhaps your most important home maintenance requirement. Without it, you lose basic amenities. Doing so for your business is even more important: Without it, you lose money!


Trust a division of Help Repair & Maintenance Corp. We work for you 24/7 at great prices, and fix your tough sewer problems faster.

•  Prompt 24/7 emergency response service

•  Competitively priced sewer maintenance

•  Clean and green environmental awareness

•  Fantastic customer service and friendly staff

•  Over 40 years' septic cleaning experience

Confidently cleaning your home's or business's sewer and septic systems!

Choosing Help Cesspool and Sewer Service has its advantages:

Keeping Your

Sewer Systems Clean

since 1974!