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Prompt Pumping of Your Property's Waste

A full or over-flowing cesspool or septic tank is a disaster that no one wants to smell - or pay for! When your tanks begin to show signs of reaching capacity, give us a call. We'll provide quick waste pumping on a day and time that's perfect for you!

Restaurateurs, rejoice! Call on Help Cesspool and Sewer Service, and let us handle the tough, slick cleaning of your property's grease traps.


You signed up to serve your customers and prepare amazing dishes - let us clean up the inconvenient byproduct for you!

Leave the greasy stuff to us

Need sewer pumping?



Get a FREE estimate!


Is your restaurant's grease draining too slowly?


Contact us for an expert diagnosis and easy fix! We'll keep your kitchen clean and free of grease, year-round.


No matter how large, small, or difficult-to-access your cesspool or septic tank may be, know that Help Cesspool and Sewer Service has the experience needed to get the job done right, the first time.


You'll enjoy our competitively priced pumping services, so why not save a little with our easy maintenance agreements?

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