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Is Your Septic Tank Draining Properly?

If you experience foul smells coming from your sinks or plumbing, or you see a backflow of waste coming back up through your pipes, it's time to call Help Cesspool and Sewer Service! These are strong indicators of septic system failure, and time is of the essence. We're available 24/7!

•  Chemical treatments and aeration

•  Cleaning of lines and sinks

•  High-velocity water jet cleaning

•  Root removal and leak detection

•  Leak and septic tank repair

•  Unclogging toilets and baths

•  Removing and repair storm drain "orange peel"

Providing every septic service you need:

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The best defense to maintaining your septic

system is to be proactive!


Never flush harmful chemicals that could kill septic bacteria, and always contact us for fast and easy septic service.


Repairing and servicing your septic system is paramount to saving you money! Septic failure can cost thousands of dollars, and while we're happy to fix a failure quickly, we'd rather see you save money.


If you notice waste or a foul smell outside your home, this may be another sign that your septic service needs service,

is full, has a leak, or isn't producing bacteria to eat waste!

Get a quick septic fix with us