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Maintain Your Cesspool, Maintain Home Comfort

It really is that simple: A working cesspool means you get to continue using all your sewer-connected amenities. A cesspool clog or failure can be catastrophic - but don't worry! Simply contact Help Cesspool and Sewer Service for quick, easy maintenance and repair.

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•  Chemical treatments

•  Bacterial additives

•  Residential cesspools

•  Commercial cesspools

•  Pumping and cleaning

•  Cesspool building

•  Cesspool repairs

Competitively priced cesspool service:

Because we operate 24/7, we work around your schedule.

To operate reliably, your cesspool requires standard and consistent maintenance. Save a little and smile a lot with

our service agreements that come with a discount!


If another company has tried to dig up your whole yard just to service your cesspool, run! We use easy electronic cesspool locating techniques to save your lawn and your time.

We make your cesspool maintenance easy

Cesspool overflowing?



Call now!


Providing clean and green cesspool service to property owners for over 40 years.